A filling is what is placed once a cavity is cleaned out of your tooth. A filling replaces the missing tooth structure and can be made of either composite (white) or amalgam (grey) material. Both materials have their strengths and weaknesses. We strive to use the best material for each situation, while considering your esthetic desires.


A crown is used to restore a tooth to its original shape and size when more extensive amounts of tooth have been lost to decay, or when a tooth is broken or cracked. A crown adds strength back to a compromised tooth while also improving the look and feel.


A bridge generally consists of 3 or more crowns. They are often used to replace a missing tooth/teeth. The teeth on either side of a “space” where a tooth is missing are crowned and the missing tooth is replaced with a suspended crown, much like a literal bridge helps to span a gap. This can add strength to the teeth on either side of the space and provide a replacement tooth where one was missing that will not come out or be removable.